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It's time for your small business to win Big...

Are you finally ready to take your small business to the next level but not really sure where to start? At Certify My Biz, we’ve done the research and can give you 150 Billion reasons to seize the opportunities that are available to you. The Federal Government is obliged to award at least 23% of its $500 BILLION dollar budget to certified small businesses.  We've helped our clients secure MILLIONS in government contracts & funding. What are you waiting for? 

“We educate,empower & equip small business owners with the information, resources, and tools they need to grow, compete and win BIG in their businesses.”

- Tiffany Latoi


We Have a Team of
Experts that Specialize in:

  • New Business Setup 

  • Government Contracting

  • Certifications

  • Transportation Authority

  • Business Development

  • Non Profit Setup

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What is 
Government Certification?

Did you know that the Federal Government is the world’s largest purchaser of goods & services? Similar to the Federal Government, many large corporations require that a percentage of their corporate contracts go to minority-owned businesses. As a small business owner with the proper certifications, you have the opportunity to secure these contracts.



Aside from the $115 BILLION that you’re leaving on the table if you’re not certified, obtaining the proper business certifications sets your business apart from your competitors and creates opportunities that normally would not be accessible. Your certifications will position you to win big!

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Contracting Opportunities




Diversity Certifications

Creating Impact & Providing Access

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Certify My Biz is a woman-black-owned & operated full-service consulting firm, developed to bridge the gap between small black-owned businesses and access to the tools and resources available to them. We help small businesses gain access to contracting, funding and partnership opportunities through education, registration, and certification.


Certify My Biz has:

Trained over 50,000 people on Government Contracting & Certifications. 

Registered over 3,5000 businesses in the Federal Government Contracting System.

Completed over 1,500 Professional Diversity Certification applications on the Federal, State, Local and Corporate level

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- Tiffany Latoi



Helped THOUSANDS of small businesses secure over 20+ MILLION in contracts & funding to date. 

Launched The Small Biz Prep Academy,  provides training to over 5,000 small businesses.


Advised 550 established companies on their current business structures. 

Trained 1,500 people on how to start a Non-profit Organization in an effort to help disadvantaged communities. 

Created & Properly Structured 1,000 new small businesses.


Success Stories

“Professional and proficient! We used Certify My Biz to help start our nonprofit organization.  We had no idea how to start one or where to begin. CMB helped streamline the process from start to finish.  Our 501c3 was approved in less than 30 days!”

— T. Bronson

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Did you know that the Federal Government is obliged to award at least 23% of their $500 BILLION dollar budget to small businesses?

That’s $115 billion, and Certify My Biz gives YOU the confidence to compete!

Certify My Biz puts your small business in a position to win BIG! We help properly form, register and certify your business providing access to BILLIONS of dollars through contracting and funding opportunities.

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- Tiffany Latoi

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