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The list of accolades for this entrepreneur, speaker and educator is so long, there’s only one thing we need to say about our CEO: she’s a CERTIFIED entrepreneur.


Meet Tiffany, CEO and founder of Certify My Biz. Known for teaching the underserved how to build profits beyond their wildest dreams, Tiffany’s superpower is simple – she gets RESULTS!


Tiffany has spent the past 10 years breaking down barriers for underserved small business owners, women and black & brown people by utilizing her experience in business development to deliver impact to those in need.  


With a commitment to support the underserved, the company has helped bridge the gap for over THOUSANDS disadvantaged business owners & has helped clients generate MILLIONS of dollars in contracts, funding and sponsorships across a variety of industries!


Tiffany obtained her B.S. degree in Marketing & Sales from Butler University, MBA in Business Leadership from Anderson University, Diversity & Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University, and has over 13 years of experience in Entrepreneurship.


Under the leadership of Tiffany, in the last two years Certify My Biz has:


  • Launched the Small Biz Prep Academy, which has provided monthly training to over 5,000 small business owners.


  • Trained over 50,000 people in Government Contracting & Certifications


  • Registered over 3,500 businesses in the Federal Government Contracting System


  • Completed over 1,500 Professional Diversity Certifications


  • Trained over 1,500 people on how to start a Non-Profit Organization in an effort to help disadvantaged communities.


  • Helped create over 1,000 new businesses for new small business owners. 


  • Advised 1,500 established companies on their current business structure.

  • ...& so much more!

All of Tiffany’s efforts and services, directly impact minority-owned businesses and their communities. Tiffany is on a mission to put small businesses in a position to win BIG. She is passionate about helping the underserved and providing them a key to open the door to a world of new possibilities.

Our Mission

What We Do?

At Certify My Biz, we do more than register and certify your business; we listen to your vision, discuss your goals and help determine the best contracting path & certifications to maximize your business opportunities.

Our Commitment

We are committed to educating, empowering and elevating minority-owned and women small business owners by ensuring the development of structurally sound businesses and creating opportunities that lead to success and financial growth.

The Process

We make registering your business as simple as possible by streamlining the process from start to finish. We will take the time to educate you on the different levels of diverse certifications and government contracting and will conduct a business eligibility analysis to identify your individual business needs. Additionally, we will determine the appropriate certification for your business, gather supporting documents, and complete the necessary applications to ensure your claim of diversity status. We also offer a range of post-certification services to help you tap into exciting new revenue opportunities, like targeted business development and customized marketing campaigns.


Who Are We?

Certify My Biz: Helping Small Businesses Win Big!

Certify My Biz Inc, is a Minority, Certified Woman owned small business (WOSB & WBE), full service consulting firm whose mission is to equip small, disadvantaged businesses with the training, education & technical assistance they need to compete in the world of contracting. At Certify My Biz we provide exceptional consulting services to the underserved;  small businesses, women-owned and minority-owned business-owners.  

Certify My Biz is on a mission to level out the playing field and empower small businesses to compete for lucrative government, corporate, and state contracts.

Did you know that “the federal government’s goal is to award at least 23% of all federal contracting dollars to small businesses each year?” That’s $115 billion dollars, and CMB gives YOU the confidence to compete!

Certify My Biz, Inc. was developed in response to a growing demand from fellow small business owners seeking assistance with obtaining Government and Corporate contracts. After securing multiple certifications, government funding & helping countless small business owners win contracts, Tiffany created a platform that enabled the opportunity to assist other minority small business owners in acquiring a piece of the pie.

We offer a comprehensive selection of services for businesses from setting up a new business or nonprofit, to professional business certifications, licensing, and a range of government services. Our experienced team has the know-how you need when it comes to forming, registering, and certifying your small business.

Our 99% success rate speaks for itself. We've helped THOUSANDS of business owners generate MILLIONS! 

At Certify My Biz, we are proud to help small business WIN BIG! It is our goal to bridge the gap between government agencies/major buyers and minority-small businesses. Just imagine what you could achieve with a contract or additional funding. There are government agencies and big corporations who want to do business with U.S. minority small businesses.  These agencies firms will search for you through programs with formal registration & certification processes, meaning you have to be on the radar!

Start your business journey with us and watch your business grow. Ready to join the CMB family? Click here to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to help you.

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