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Government Contracting & Certifications: Your Gateway to Government Contracts

It’s time for your small business to win BIG

The Government and major corporations are actively seeking to work with certified women and minority-owned businesses. Unfortunately, many of these organizations remain unaware of the benefits, substantial funding, and opportunities that come with obtaining certifications.

The World's Largest Purchaser of  Small Business Services

In 2022, the federal government surpassed its small business contract goal, setting a new record by awarding $163 billion to small vendors.

$163 Billion

Small business contract awards by the U.S. government experienced a 5.6% uptick year-over-year.

5.6 Percent

Last year, 26.5% of government contracts were granted to small businesses, surpassing the 23% target goal.

26.5 Percent
Empowering Success through Diverse Certifications
At Certify My Biz, we provide services tailored to streamline your business certification process effortlessly. We collaborate closely with clients, ensuring their thorough preparation for certification. Our services include training, document preparation and review, application submissions, interview preparation, and an assigned consultant for additional support.
Government Contracting Resources
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