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Government Contracting

Did you know the United States Federal Government is the world’s largest purchaser of goods and services? They spend $500 BILLION dollars each year. Yes, that’s BILLION with a B. From socks, paper towels, janitorial services, construction, event planning to consulting and IT services! They buy EVERYTHING!

Why does this matter to you? This matters because the government is required to award at least 23% of its budget to small businesses like yours. That’s a 115-BILLION-dollar pie!

How do you get a slice of the $115 BILLION pie? Certify My Biz ensures you have an opportunity to win contracts by getting your business registered to do business with the Federal Government. We manage the process from start to finish, so that you can focus on your business.

Services Offered:

  • Virtual Technical Assistant Development & Delivery

  • Government Registrations

  • Corporate Contracting

  • Certification Applications

  • Contracting and Certification Training

  • Document Discovery and Preparation

  • Procurement & Bidding Training

  • Website design, development & management

  • SME identification, recruitment & management

  • On-site TA through coaching & facilitation 

Corporate Contracting

For many reasons, corporations want to work with black-owned businesses and are currently seeking small businesses to partner with. Similar to the Federal Government, many large corporations now require that a percentage of their contracts go to black-owned businesses.


How do they find their small business partners? To meet their goals, private and public sector firms search for black-owned suppliers through programs that have formal certification processes. Meaning you have to be certified!

Don’t know where to start? The Certify My Biz team is full of experts that specialize in women and minority certifications. If you meet the requirements and qualifications, Certify My Biz guarantees to get your business MBE Certified- positioning you to WIN!

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