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Offered Certifications

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With greater reason, the Government and large corporations are looking to do business with certified and qualified women and minority-owned businesses. Many of these businesses aren’t aware of the BILLIONS of benefits, dollars, and opportunities that are attached to having a certification.  


A certification is a recognition tool and a means to gain access to BILLIONS of dollars and contracts.  Any business owner can classify itself as diverse, claiming that at least 51% of ownership is by an individual of a diverse background. However, just because a business says it’s diverse doesn’t necessarily mean it is.  In many cases, one or more of these certifications are requirements to secure a government and/or corporate contract.  

Unfortunately, a substantial number of contracts, designated for certified small, black or women owned businesses, go unclaimed because most small business owners cannot complete the application process.  Most owners lack the time and resources to navigate through a such a complicated process.  Many find the process to be daunting, overwhelming, and down-right frustrating.  

At Certify My Biz, we offer a variety of services to help your business become certified with EASE.  We work with clients to ensure they are PREPARED to become Certified.  Our services include everything from training, document preparation, document review, application submissions, interview preparations and so much more!

Once you are Certified, you instantly become more attractive to companies looking to do business with you. Proper certifications can significantly increase your business’ chance of gaining access to government, corporate contracts, private funding, and partnerships.

  • Minority-Owned

  • Women Owned

  • Veteran-Owned

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • HubZone


  • Hispanic-Owned

  • Small Business

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